There was a magic I experienced in India this summer that I cannot quite articulate … here is hoping my images can tell the story my words can’t.

And a slideshow if you have an extra 8 minutes: CLICK HERE

This is one of my FAVORITES…Roti making. This concrete room has no chimney and this woman spends HOURS a day making food for her family… 



This boy.

He modeled for me.

And we made him look good 😉


It is no secret this family is my favorite. I adore everything they are, stand for, and represent…

After adopting little Finn a few years ago, they began the process of adopting baby Q #2 last summer… then, SURPRISE… baby Q #3 was growing in utero.   Plans to bring baby #2 home are still in the works and you can read all about it HERE. This lovely little family will soon be requesting a table for 5! So many little hands and feet are soon to be populating the arms of these three… and I can’t wait to snuggle them. In the meantime, we documented this little season a few weeks ago…

Ladies, doesn’t Abi’s perfect baby belly/body make you love-hate her? 😉
Your three littles sure are lucky to have you two as parents. I must admit I am a little jealous…. *wink*

Priscilla + Shane

When the opportunity to shoot in Hawaii arose, I assumed it would be your traditional barefoot beach wedding… But I underestimated Priscilla + Shanne.  Living on the beach in Maui made this lovely bride want to get as far away from the sand as possible. So, up the Maui Countryside we went! Pineapple fields, Cultural Arts centers, and yummy-light GALORE. I was in heaven and it wasn’t even MY special day.   




Sweet Daddy-Daughter moments…


The foot washing ceremony… The intimacy of washing each other’s feet was truly a special moment to experience.











See the flower girl on the right? Yeah, that photo was taken right before she fell IN.


Kristin + Jason

It’s the type of celebration that had me watery eyed during the editing process. It’s the type of event that was not only candy to the eyes but a spark to the soul. You see, Kristin, the bride, and I have known each other since 1999… she was still in High School…and she was also a subject in my very first photo-shoot.  From the summers spent along the river, to the endless convos in her mama’s kitchen, photo-shoots, drum circles on Hermosa Beach, and now her wedding… she has been a joy to know. I remember the  conversations about the trip to Spain to visit a ‘friend’ who soon because more than…Now she’s married and I sit here scratching my head to where the years have gone.

welcome to the world of married life my friend. And Jason, you are one lucky dude 😉

Enjoy the peek into Jason and Kristin’s celebration. And while you browse, just know they (along with an awesome team of family and friends) did everything themselves.


This first shot of Kristin initiated the swooning…. she made the headpiece herself.

He handmade garter.
I’m in love.

How perfect is this banner?! it was the first thing Kristin made when she began planning her celebration.

In lieu of a sand ceremony or candle lighting, J+K carried books down the aisle with them, they then added the books to their shelf ‘library’ as a part of the ceremony.The kiss against the beautiful Eagle Creek Park setting and the Altar piece made by the bride!

seriously?! hot. like. freakin’. FIRE


I couldn’t get enough of the fabulous details… Kristin’s aunt did the flowers, BTW.

How sweet is that cake topper… It once donned the top of Kristin’s grandparent’s wedding cake!  Soooo many details… The old fashioned coffee pots, and coffee cups hand stamped with J+K’s initials.  Even a “spiking” station to give a little ‘UMPH’ to the Rosemary Lemonade. 

The most brilliant seating chart for an A-Frame venue.

The bear rug! I giggled when I saw it… I not so secretly wanted to steal this for my house. 😉

Thanks for allowing me to swoon publicly all over my blog.
the end.

Jacqueline + Peter

The lovely Jacqueline weds her handsome Scotsman Peter….in a barn…with a lot of kilt action… and pretty-ness.

By the way, did you know…. that when a Scotsman goes ‘true’ it means they aren’t wearing any undergarments under those kilts?  Just a fun fact I learned from shooting this lovely affair. I’ll also have you know, Peter asked his groomsmen to go ‘true’…. just in case you were wondering 😉

Jackie & Peter, you two truly bring a smile to my face being around you. The kindergarten teacher and the head hunter are the most perfect combination… From breakfast that morning on a whim, to your engagement session, to shooting, and even editing, blogging, slideshow-ing… it has been a non-stop grin-fest. Enjoy this new season of life Mr. & Mrs. Henry.

And lastly, for a slideshow of the day….. **click here**



Vendor Love:

Assistant Photographer extraordinaire for the day: Kelly Lorenz

Wedding Planner: Lisa Light

Videographer: Josh Rask with Clark + Walker studios [You can see Jackie + Peter’s teaser trailer here]

Ceremony: St. Ann

Reception Venue: Stonover Farm

Stylist: Joe Murray with Hale Salon

Catering: Mike Balloon

Florist: Crocus Hale

Julie + Michael

It’s about time I start catching up on blogging. I have so many lovely little celebrations to share…

First, Julie and Michael. Married at the bride’s family home in Little Compton RI…

Kimmy + Andrew

The Barlows are like a second family to me…. My Chicago home away from home. Complete with the 7 siblings I always wanted and incredibly delicious chocolate shakes. (see Oberweis) It is families like this that would make any skeptic believe in the word “family”, and define what it means to raise a solid pack of children. Yes, I called them a pack. There are SEVEN… correction, there are now EIGHT of them. Kimmy, you have married into a wonderful entity known as the Barlow Clan, and Andrew couldn’t have chosen a better fit. You embody everything they stand for and watching the two of you join your lives this past January, made my heart truly smile.  Thank you for inviting me into your day. Thank you for allowing me to capture the beginning of your new life together. And thank you for being two rays of sunshine in my life.


To see a slideshow of their day…. *CLICK HERE* , otherwise scroll on down.


makeup by the fabulous Renee Tyburczy.

Enjoy your happy ever after Mr & Mrs. Barlow.


Abi, the photographer [whose work I truly adore]

Abi, the mommy of the cutest child in the world

Abi, the one who is responsible for pooling together some of my new favorite people to room together for WPPI [all of which you have seen or will see shortly on this blog]

Abi, the loyal friend whose heart goes deeper than you can imagine, never fails to make me a drink I love, and whom I miss dearly… ANNNND

Abi, the hotness displayed below…


Vegas Lovely number 2 : Brooke.  My hair crush. My entertainment. And, if she were a song, she would be the “national anthem” 😉
She was the WPPI roommate who did everyone’s hair and make-up for those nights out on the town, seduced us with her elevator dance moves, and truly made us all smile.

my FAVORITE shot Miss Hottness. 


Fresh off the strip from Vegas I present to you, Ciara.
Contrary to how that statement sounded, Ciara and I were roomies together in Vegas for WPPI 2012 (along with a few other ladies who you will see on here shortly). This sparkly little ball of sunshine is truly as sweet as she looks. And as hot. And as talented. And…and…and. Well, you get the point.  My camera loved her…. but more importantly, *I* love her.

These next few were simply lounging around in the hotel room. Proof that you do not need a fancy location to capture some lovely moments.

Before we all headed home, we went out to a dry lake bed for a few more lovelies. 

Well done, mammies, well done 😉

Joy + Robert

If there was ever a wedding that made me want to move back to California, it was this one. The light, the yummy SoCal light. *le sigh*.  And then there is the lovely simplicity that made this wedding so swoon-worthy.  Joy & Robert found the site where the ceremony was held at a forestry center. It is actually an outdoor classroom and I thought it was PERFECT. They built chuppah from downed trees collected after the SoCal wind storms a few weeks prior and truly enhanced the setting.

Joy and I were quad-mates in college and I must say, I have never ever seen her more happy. Robert, you truly ignite her namesake within her.

Grandmas always deposit excess amounts of lipstick…:)Joy was so excited to have her Grandma there, this woman survived the Holocaust and has had the joy  of attending all her grand-babies weddings now. All guests were pinned with red felt hearts…Robert literally danced down the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife. 

Robert, I love how tenderly you love Joy. This lovely cake-topper was handmade for them… How adorable is that?
Go forth and populate the world with HOT babies you two …. I call dibs on your first family photos!  😉

Jackie + Pete


While in NYC a few weeks ago for a wedding, I met up with a 2012 couple to shoot their city engagement photos. These two met at St Andrews in Scotland… you know, the one of Prince William and Kate Middleton fame?  I actually think there must be something in the water because these two resemble the royal couple. wink.  With Pete hailing from Scotland, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him talk… his accent is so lovely. err… studly?  That coupled with the bubbly kindergarten teacher that Jackie is made me fall madly in love with these two.  I am so looking forward to their black-tie-kilted-barn-glorious-extravaganza!



Elizabeth + Brian

Attempting to catch up on blogging all the summer weddings… I am blogging entirely out of order so if you are a bride awaiting your moment to shine, please forgive the order. It makes about as much sense as the street of downtown Boston. [wink]

Allow me to introduce you to the beautiful Elizabeth and her handsome husband Brian. These two lawyers were an eclectic mix of Jewish liveliness and Latin Spunk. Every moment of their celebration made you feel like you were at an on-going party…. With Elizabeth’s family hailing from the dominican republic, the latin love literally LIT UP the dance floor. It helped that the INCREDIBLE latin band kept the party going into the wee hours of the morning.

Having met at Harvard, Elizabeth and Brian wed in the Harvard Chapel and then partied hard at the downtown Harvard Club.  ENJOY:)

seeing the Ketubah for the first time… 

The wedding transportation made for awesome photo ops. I wasn’t kidding about the entire event being a party!

Camera Cake : Cake Boss Style

I channeled my inner Cake Boss yesterday. It is my brother’s birthday today and I got this crazy idea to make him a cake…. I have never done anything like this, and, in typical Shyla fashion, I think I can make something and end up spending WAY too much time and money in the quest. Luckily this only took me a few hours and was pretty inexpensive to create!

My bro Mark is a photographer as well so I thought I would pay homage to our careers!

Allow me to introduce the CAMERA CAKE…

Shaping the camera body and rolling out fondant…buttercream frosting helps the fondant stick…the first fondant attempt. Not perfect but it works. Add a little Twizzlers Pull-n-peel to make it an L-series lens 😉 adding a strap  to hide the imperfections… 😉 The final productQuick iphone shot right before it got devoured.
I missed getting a shot with all the candles

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r